University Wi-Fi - MaineEDU-Guest

For technical support call the University Technology Support Center

MaineEDU-Guest is the University's guest user SSID.

This network is filtered and not recommended for students, staff, and faculty members. To connect, users must associate to the SSID, connect to any web site to complete a captive-portal process and accept an acceptable use policy.

There is no layer 2 or "over the air" security, but users are still protected by the standard transport layer security (TLS, which replaced the older "SSL") which implements strong encryption between the user and sites which support the standard (University of Maine System services, e-commerce sites, social media, etc...).

Students, staff, and faculty of the University of Maine System should not use this SSID, they should use eduroam. It operates on the same equipment and using it offers no advantages to University community.