University Wi-Fi: Eduroam

For technical support call the University Technology Support Center

Service Overview

This new wireless service builds on top of ongoing infrastructure hardware upgrades to provide an enhanced experience including secure and encrypted 802.11 wireless (‘Wi-Fi’) access.

  • Federated user based authentication - automatically connect from any eduroam supporting institution
  • EAP-TLS, currently the most secure authentication method available
  • Data encryption
  • Native IPv6 service



Eduroam is federation of network authentication servers which allow users at participating institutions to access a WPA2 Enterprise encrypted (or “locked”) Wi-Fi network with a common name (the “eduroam” SSID). Users at the University of Maine System campuses with “” email addresses can use the service either at the University of Maine Campuses, or when traveling to a participating institution. Conversely, users from other institutions can use the SSID at UMS campuses with the credentials from their home institutions.

Eduroam is a global service, to see participating institutions please visit:


This is the SSID for setting up or "onboarding" a device to use certificate based (EAP-TLS) authentication with the "eduroam" SSID.

As of August 15th, 2018, Tempest is a deprecated service. All students, staff, and faculty should transition to using eduroam.

Supported Operating Systems

In general the following operating systems should work with the "eduroam-setup" onboarding portal:

  • iOS 5.0 or later
  • Windows 7 or later
  • macOS/OS X 10.9 or later
  • Android 6.0 or later
  • Linux (non-Android)
  • Chromebooks running Chrome OS 61 or later